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We know that it is not easy trusting the care of your child to someone else. It’s a very big step in your child’s life and in yours too. That’s why we do our very Best Daycare in Bangalore to make that step as worry-free and uncomplicated for you.

To us, your child is an individual, learning and developing at their own pace, with needs particular to them. At Cherubs, they’ll be supported by highly trained staff who really care how your child is progressing.

Like you, we want your child to be happy and safe – but stimulated. We want them to be encouraged to be independent while given the opportunity to learn in a loving and structured environment.

Age Group & Timings:

  • We take care of children from the age to 3 to 5 years.
  • We offer our services from Monday to Friday 
Day Care in Bangalore

Why Choose Us?

  1. Highly trained and qualified Teachers and helpers who can handle every child’s intellectual, social and emotional needs.

  2. An environment that is carefully planned to encourage your child’s development and allows them to explore.

  3. Planned activity driven classes to positively engage the children.

  4. We help children understand friendships, feelings and cultures of the others around them.

  5. High safety and security standards with biometric systems and CCTV cameras.

  6. High Hygiene standards. Our classrooms, bathrooms and play areas are constantly cleaned and sanitized.

  7. We offer a range of extra-curricular activities like Art & Craft, Dance and Yoga.

  8. Children can engage in indoor and outdoor play.

  9. Infrastructure and materials that are child friendly and safe.

We love to hear from our parents!

What they have to Say

If you have feedback or words of praise that you would like to share, please submit your review at the bottom of this page.

Both my kids went to Cherubs Montessori and My kids were always eager to go to school and excited about doing something new every day. Kind of attention that all teachers, including the Principal Mrs. Vijaya, give to each and every kid in class should be applauded. They are very friendly and courteous. I also have enjoyed doing activities with my kids on Parents day/Father's day in their school. Overall I am very happy that my kids went to the Best Daycare in Bangalore - Cherubs Montessori.
Gokul Muthusamy
Good foundation is very important  at the early years and fun  learning under a great atmosphere is important with good teachers , staff and facilities. The Best Daycare in Bangalore is Cherubs, was the ideal place were all the three criteria was met for a  for a kid with homely  atmosphere. My kid was happy to go to school everyday.
Chandramohan Chethan Kumar
Getting our child enrolled in a good Indian school was our biggest concern at time we were looking forward for good School in Sarjapura. After a lot of research, we decided to get our child enrolled to the Best Daycare in Bangalore - Harvest Cherubs Montessori School. We are truly excited to mention that this school is a great choice for our child. We are happy to see the change and the way she has got adjusted to the new environment so quickly and easily.
Vikrant Sharma


If you have any questions please ask us and we will answer you as quickly as possible Make a question now!

Kindly get in touch and we will explain the entire process in details.

A school tour would be arranged and there would be an interaction with parents and the child seeking admission.

Please call the school for fee details.

We follow the Montessori Method of teaching. The details of the program are mentioned in the Montessori Approach page. Please go through it for a deeper understanding of the approach we follow at school.

There is no specified syllabus for the interactions. Interactions are concept and skill-based rather than syllabus-oriented, i.e., based more on what the student should know at his/her age.

  • Montessori Year 1: 3 years
  • Montessori Year 2: 4 years
  • Montessori Year 3: 4.6 years

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