Terryiah’s Story

Meet Terryiah. In late 2022, Terryiah was in the process of making positive life changes—she had recently undergone surgery to help maintain a healthy weight. She was surprised and nervous to find herself pregnant with her first child. She and her partner, Felix IV, were excited to start their family, and Terryiah was determined to do all she could to have a healthy pregnancy. She turned to Healthier Moms and Babies for education, support, and guidance through her journey.

Terryiah began meeting her nurse home visitor, Terah. They discussed the healthiest choices she could make as Terryiah balanced healing her body from surgery, making healthy choices for her growing baby, and addressing previous health concerns. Terah helped coordinate community resources so Terryiah and Felix felt prepared and ready for their newest addition. One impactful program included our Healthier Moms and Babies doula services.

At around 20 weeks, Terryiah began meeting with our doula coordinator, Taylor. In addition to her nurse home visits, Terryiah and Taylor met to discuss her birth plan and expectations—as well as ways Terryiah could feel more confident and secure going into her birthing experience.

In February of 2023, Terryiah went into labor. Taylor was in the hospital with Terryiah and Felix IV throughout the birth. After not being responsive to medication, Terryiah underwent an emergency c-section. Felix V was born healthy and happy. Their journey was not over yet—Terryiah experienced a pulmonary embolism and required emergency surgery. With Taylor at the hospital with the family, Felix IV could care for both his wife and his child. While Felix IV stayed with Terryiah, Taylor helped support Felix V. Without this dedication, Felix IV would have had to choose between being in the room with his wife and being in the room with his son; with Taylor’s support, neither mom nor baby was ever alone.

As of March 2023, Terryiah is able to go home to her son. She will continue to meet with Taylor in the coming weeks. With Taylor’s help, Terryiah will work to heal and bond with her son, making up for the weeks she spent recovering. Terryiah will continue to meet with Terah until baby Felix is two years old, monitoring development, learning more about new motherhood, and creating a healthy future for her family.

The individualized care of each home visitor and doula relationship creates the highest chances for success. Terah and Taylor’s dedication and care helped support Terryiah and Felix IV when they needed it most. We are so excited to see how their family thrives!


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